Announcing  the next generation of the Clik Ring...Check out the new & improved Snap Away below!!

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104 Sales Group Proudly Introduces the Next Generation of our Popular Clik Ring...


Same Great Ring

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 Hands Free Selfies, Pics & Videos
With the SNAP of Your Finger 

Our new, next generation of the Clik Ring.

Same great ring now comes with a new sturdier, adjustable tripod and

USB Charging Cord included.

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Perfect for Action Shots!
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Easily switch between horizontal & vertical positions.

Adjustable height legs.

Stronger, sturdier tripod holds today's larger cellphones

Easy and Fun way to Capture all the Action with Everyone in the Shot.

The Snap Away syncs to Your Cellphone or

Tablet, Remotely Controlling it via Bluetooth

Set up Your Device Anywhere Within 30 feet and SNAP away!

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Now includes USB charging cord!

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